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Redom Syed & Curtis Stewart

Australian Property Talk

At Australian Property Talk, two ex-Treasury Economists have a chat about all things Aussie Real Estate.

I'm Redom Syed, founder of Confidence Finance, an award-winning mortgage broking company that’s worked with 1000s of homebuyers and investors across the country.

When I was 15, both my parents lost their jobs and our family eventually lost the house & car to debt collectors. Since then, I've built one of Australia's best mortgage broking businesses - ranking inside the top 100 mortgage brokers for 5 years running.

I've also built up a $25million property portfolio, buying my first home in 2014 to developing luxury homes across Sydney today. On this journey, I've met 1000s of amazing people who've helped inspire me. Curtis Stewart, my co-host, is one of Australia's leading brokers and is an active property investor.

Australian Property Talk Podcast


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